Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ila Maria, 1987

These works were done between 1975 and 2002 in oils, pencil, watercolour, pen and ink, etching, ink and bleach, and airbrushed acrylics. For the latter I developed a technique of transparent layers of pure colour, for submarine paintings after moving to French Polynesia in 1995. The following selections were chosen to provide a range of aesthetics that touched me in some way, but little of my art is digitally recorded.
Artistic output, numbers estimated:
pen and ink drawings: 85
water colours : 500
oil paintings : 50
acrylic paintings: 85
airbrushed paintings : 30
portraits : 300
etchings:16 editions of 80 hand-done prints each
off-set lithographies: 40 editions of 100 to 500 each
art cards: 66 editions of 500 to 1000 each
Most of my work was published in and distributed from Canada under my former name of Ila Maria.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Portrait in Blues

Detail of Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle

Stories in the Wind

Stories in the Wind (detail)


Harmony (detail)

Spirit of Opunohu

Spirit of Opunohu (detail)


First Light

Golden Eagle

Circles of the Sea


Gift From the Sea

The Tiny Menace

The Guardian

The Awakening

The Spellbound Land

Harp Seal Pup


The Conference

The Spirit of Water

Close-up of the Spirit

The Richardson Mountains

The Mating Dance


Flight of the Stingray

Moonlight Wonderings

Wolves of the Sea


The Sacred Mountain


Waiting (detail)

Snowy Flight


Moon Canyon

NIght Flight

On the Path

On the Path (detail)

South Seas Dream

The Thinker

The Lone Wolf Travels Farther Faster

Summer Dancing

Winter Spirit

The Arctic Ocean

The Final Battle

Flowering Patterns

La Foret de Dreux